Film: The Tough Confrontation

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The story of this Karate film is about a gang forcing people to pay them money as fees to defense  them, in other hand there was a Karate Instructor (Adnan Tarsha played this role) offered the people to defense them for free, this behavior made the gang angry of the instructor and started making troubles for him; they tried to kill him first but they failed, then they kidnapped his little sister. 

   At the end of the film the Karate Instructor chased on his bike the car of the gang until he arrived to the place of the gang and the tough confrontation started between him and them, they all used Karate arts in this fighting until the instructor could overwhelm them all and start searching for his sister around the place until he found her tied to a chair, he untied the rope and saved her.

Screenplay & Director: Adnan Tarsha. Staring: Adnan Tarsha, Gouth Baroudi, Abdurrahman Yahya.


 the Karate instructor is going
to his school to teach Karate

The instructor is giving
the Karate lesson

Fighting between the instructor
and the gang who tried to kill him

The instructor defeated them

 The gang kidnapped
the instructor's little sister
 They brought her to their boss  The instructor came to the
house of the gang's boss
 Chasing between the instructor
on his bike and the car
 The tough confrontation between the instructor and the gang in their place Throwing one of them from
a high place
 Jumping to hit them  Jumping to hit two persons
tcf10.jpg (15717 bytes)
Sticks fighting Fighting in the sea Fighting in the sea  Fighting with the boss

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