Film: The Secret Mission 99

Screenplay & Director: Adnan Tarsha    Staring: Adnan Tarsha, Zein Hasan, Yusuf Ibrahim 

The story of this police film is about a secret criminal organization who kill people, deal with drugs, smuggling, raping, and doing all kinds of bad things. The last thing they did; they kidnapped two children of the parliament deputy and asked for a half million dollar for releasing them. The ministry of interior put a secret plan and named it "The Secret Mission 99". The plan was about a police secret agent (Adnan Tarsha played this role) who impersonated a dangerous criminal and escaped from the prison by a boat, then the police started searching for him and warning people in the information instruments from him, they chased him in the streets of the city until he hide himself in a place belonged to the organization, there he met the head of the organization who have heard in the radio about his escaping from the prison and asked him to work with them, the agent accepted this offer and started working with them and in the same time he started to gather all the information about them and about the place where they hide the two children. When the time came and when the agent discovered the place of the children he and his team of secret agents made a sudden attack to the house of the big boss of the organization and arrested him, then they sneaked to the place of the children and saved them, but the guards saw them running away and started shooting them with the automatic weapons also the agent and his team did the same, then the army arrived and attacked the place of the organization and put it under their control after a very tough confrontation with the armed men of the criminal organization.

   In the last scene the secret agent returned the children to their father.  


 the gang kidnapping the children of the deputy in parliament  shooting the driver
and killing him
 Police investigation in
the site of the crime
the police secret agent playing the role of criminal in the prison  he escaped from the prison
by a boat
 After escaping by the boat the police chased him in the streets  he run away by a bike
caught him by a member
of the gang
He attacked two of the gang then threw the car from the mountain
the secret agent with his team sneaks by bikes to the place of the organization and saved the two children then the gang started shooting them
he s  jeep of the gang hits the secret agent who could hang on it the two children returned to their father and the captain congratulate him then congratulate the secret gent for his successful operation to rescue the children
 scenes in Istanbul  Adnan Tarsha as a director in Istanbul
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