Sensei Muhammad Adnan Tarsha

Activities History and 50 Man Fight

Full History of various Kyokushin activities since childhood to the success in attainment the achievement
of sequent 50 matches fighting the first Kyokushin achievement of this kind in the Arab World

          عربـي                                                                                                                                  Kyokushin

Activities History

Muhammad Tarsha started learning Kyokushin by his father Shihan Adnan Tarsha since he was 4 years old, and was an assistance to his father in the Kyokushin lessons to perform the techniques in front of the students, and performing the Kyokushin demonstrations in front of the crowd, and was the assistance to his father in performing the difficult and dangerous Kyokushin demonstrations on his body.

Muhammad Tarsha the Kyokushin Child Performing the techniques Performing self defense against weapons
in front of the crowd
Performing the difficult and dangerous
Kyokushin demonstrations on his body

Muhammad Tarsha continued performing demonstrations in different places as he was growing year after year
2metd1.jpg (25672 bytes)

and since his childhood Muhammad Tarsha participated in Kyokushin tournaments in more than a country
 3rd place in the 1st Kyokushin Tournament
in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh in 1991
 1st place in the Lebanon North Championship
in 1998
3rd place in the Middle East Tournament
in 1998

By his father's commission Muhammad Tarsha became an instructor to the children since ha was 12 years old in 1995,
and when he became more older he became a judge, referee and tournament organizer
Instructor of King Fahd University Muhammad Tarsha as referee
and delivering medals to winners
Organizer of the King Fahd University Tournament and his participated team

Muhammad Tarsha participated with his father in different training camps in more than a country

6camp8.jpg (29101 bytes)
in Beirut with his father Shihan Adnan Tarsha
and Shihan Peter Chong
in Alkhobar

in Riyadh

in a course of Saudi
Karate Federation

He is a member of the examination committee of his father

Examination in Riyadh

with the president of
Saudi Karate Federation


50 Man Fight

for B
lack Belt 4th Dan

Sensei Muhammad Tarsha got his black belt 1st Dan in 1993, 2nd Dan in 1996 and 3rd Dan in 2000, and after 6 years of continuous activities in teaching, demonstrating, refereeing and organizing the tournaments, he performed the requirements of the 4th Dan rank, then his father Shihan Adnan Tarsha organized a special occasion for him on Tuesday June 13, 2006, to attain the first Kyokushin achievement of this kind in the Arab World; that is "50 Man Fight" in 50 sequent matches, one minute for each match. Sensei Muhammad waded this big fighting and was very successful more than expected.

 Sensei Muhammad Tarsha performing various requirements in the examination of the black belt 4th Dan like:
Kata, Moving Basics (Ido) and Self Defense.

The Fighting of 50 Matches

50 Matches= 9 with Black Belt 3rd Dan + 8 with 2nd Dan + 10 with almost Black Belt + 23 Matches with various belts.
The participants in this fighting were from various Martial Arts: Kyokushin - Shotokan - Tae Kwon Do - Kyoshu.
There was more than additional fighting for 5 minutes as mistake by the time keeper; that means 5 additional matches, so it was actually 55 matches not 50.


Sensei Muhammad Tarsha with his father Shihan Tarsha and two brothers Sensei Abdullah and Senpai Abdulaziz in front of the down counting board from 50 to 1 A speech of Shihan Adnan Tarsha

Treating the injuries and continue the fighting till the end of 50 matches
the down counting board and the final match No 1
Sensei Muhammad Tarsha after his success in attainment the achievement of 50 matches fighting
receiving congratulations from his father, the fighters and the audiences

Also the children congratulating him and taking pictures with him

The Certificates

1st place champion of Lebanon North
from the Lebanese Karate Federation

3rd place champion of Middle East
from the Lebanese Karate Federation

Certificate of 4th Dan from Saudi Karate Federation Card of Instructor from Saudi Karate Federation
Certificate from the Saudi Karate Federation for his efforts in organizing the Kingdom Tournament
and his participating by a team of his students from King Fahd University