Abdulaziz Adnan Tarsha

The Best Technician

in the Arabian
Kyokushin Championship


Karate                                                                                                                         عربـي     


The Story of the Best Kyokushin Technician Fighter

Shihan Adnan Tarsha received the invitation to participate in the 4th Arabian Kyokushin Championship which will take place in the city of Mahdia in Tunisia on Saturday and Sunday 2-3/5/2009. His son Abdulaziz Tarsha expressed his desire to participate in it after he prayed to Allah the almighty. Abdulaziz did not complete the nineteen years yet and had not come out of the youth category but since months. His father saw him in the dream and had not told him about it in Riyadh and decided to tell him about it in Tunisia on the day of the championship.

Shihan Adnan Tarsha arrived to Tunisia with his team of 4 participants including Abdulaziz, and 2 photographers. And in the morning of the championship, Shihan Tarsha told his son Abdulaziz about the dream he saw about his participation in the championship, and its interpretation of it that Abdulaziz will step up to the highest place in the podium which is the figure (1) for the 1st place and his stepping up will be quickly and easily.

Abdulaziz is participating in the category of under 70kg, and when his turn came he quickly entered to the ring and started an interesting and beautiful match where he used his individual skills and the pure Kyokushin techniques which has attracted the attention of observers, as well as the organizing committee.


Abdulaziz presenting the various Kyokushin techniques
and his father congratulates him
for his good
and technically successful match


In the second day, the final matches were held and before the distribution of the awards to the winners Mr. Omar Karkar the mastermind of the championship and the federation activities in Tunisia came to Mr. Adnan Tarsha and briefed him on the paper of the names whom deserve the cups of the best, and was written on it the name of Abdulaziz as winner of the cup of the best technician, and Mr. Karkar started explaining the reason of Abdulaziz deserves this cup, saying: We have chosen your son as the best technician fighter because he fought by the style of the pure Kyokushin techniques. The fighting here is a random, grabbing, pushing and the non-technical violence. The purpose the winning by any means. If the world champion participates here will lose because of this way in the fighting. Even the parents when they see this violence and random. they refuse to register their children in the training fear for them. Shihan Sadok Kouka "Secretary General of the Arab Kyokushin Karate Union" and the organizing committee approved this selection.

God acted for Abdulaziz a winning and a title at the level of the whole championship which the cup of "The Best Kyokushin Technician Fighter", and praise be to God who by his grace the goods done. Thus, the dream fulfilled which instructor Adnan Tarsha saw it about the stepping up of his son Abdulaziz quickly and easily to the highest place in the podium which is the figure (1); So he stepped up on it alone and unchallenged and received the cup and certificate of the best technician in the championship, and a group of officials took the photos with him.

Abdulaziz Tarsha on the podium receives the cup and certificate of
the best technician in the championship
with Mr. Othman Assad and his father with his father
with Shihan Sadok Kouka with Shihan Hussein Suleiman

with his fellows in the team

 The Certificate

Shihan Adnan Tarsha accompanied by Abdulaziz this time met with Mr. Omar Karkar once again, and a conversation was with them and Mr. Karkar have been returned to confirm what was said previously about the style of pure Kyokushin technique which used by Abdulaziz and deserved by merits the cup of the best Kyokushin technique fighter.

Sensei Omar Karkar explains once again the reason of that Abdulaziz deserved the cup of the best technician

The Saudi Press Agency and the Federation of Arab News Agencies published news of Abdulaziz Adnan Tarsha's winning the cup of the Best Arabian player in the style of Kyokushin.

Saudi Press Agency Federation Of Arab News Agencies